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There's never too many or wrong questions!  If we do not answer your questions here, please contact us so we can help!

What if my child misses a training session? 

Your child can make up the class(es) missed by coming to any training within the 6 week training period. Please tell the front desk that they are doing a make up!  Your balance can also be transferred to camps as well.  Your child has 1 year to make up what they missed. You can substitute a sibling to participate in their place.  

Who are IBA Camps for?

Boys and Girls, ages 5-14, and all ability levels are welcome!  You do not have to be currently playing on one of our teams or in training to attend camp!  Everyone is welcome to join in on the fun!  Bring your friends!  

Which IBA Program is the best for us?

Selecting a program for your son or daughter can be challenging!  Here is a brief breakdown of our programs and the needs they meet.


Bigger Vision - 4yrs through 6th Grade - a good place to start, low to medium competition/commitment.  Focus is on learning basketball and Faith.

IBA Revolution - 1st Grade through High school - a great place to grow and develop - medium to high competition/commitment. 

Athletes make teams based on Call Out evaluations, everyone makes a team.  Lots of games in a season ensure player development through game experience and team practices.

IBA Prep - a place for a challenge and growth - highest competition/commitment, regional travel in addition to local games.  Teams are selected by Try Outs or invitation. 

What is AAU Basketball? What is the IYBL?

AAU Basketball is short for the Amateur Athletic Union.  It is independently formed teams that compete in tournaments together.  The IYBL, short for Indiana Youth Basketball League, is the largest youth basketball league in the state.  All IBA Revolution teams and IBA PREP teams play in this one.  It is comprised of hundreds of teams which means it has the best competition around.  


Where can I see our game schedule?

All IBA team schedules can be found in the Pacers Athletic App.  It is free to download and is the best way to follow your team's schedule and record.  The IYBL Scheduler manages all the game schedules each week.  At times, it can feel very last minute when the game times and locations post, even for us and our coaches!  With so many teams in the IYBL, schedules can change often and are sometimes not posted until closer to the game days.  Click the link below to access the App! 




What else do we need to know about joining an IBA Revolution or IBA Prep team?

When your on an IBA Revolution, you will be asked to purchase a jersey after your deposit.  If you are a returning player and we do not have a new uniform design for the season, you are welcome to use your current uniform. Revolution and Prep teams also play at venues that typically charge admission (typically cash only) for adults and students.   These admissions go to the IYBL League to pay for referees and other league related fees.  Prep team families will also be responsible for their travel costs dependent on the tournament schedule.  

Who are your coaches?

We only hire non-parent coaches here at the IBA.  We have a very high standard and screening process when it comes to who we hire to ensure the best athletic experience and safety for our athletes.  

How much are the programs? Are there refunds?

Each season of IBA Revolution or IBA PREP is initiated by a non-refundable deposit.  This deposit goes towards your program cost, but is NOT the final cost of the season.  Each season is a little different in pricing, please feel free to call with any specific questions.  IBA Program registrations are non-refundable.  IBA will issue a credit good for one calendar year to be applied to any IBA program. 

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