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IBA Advanced Private Training classes are where players can focus on expanding and fine-tuning basketball fundamentals through conditioning, agility drills, individualized coaching, and customized workouts.  Skills Training sessions are perfect for adding more tailored training to your practice schedules.  Groups are capped at 4 or 6 Players and meet once per week.  Advanced Private Training Classes are now available to register in the Skills Academy.  Limited sessions in Zionsville, are also available. All classes are available to boys and girls.


IBA Shooting School classes are where players can expect to have IBA Coaches help dial in their shooting form, increase accuracy, work on shot release speed, develop a wider range of shots, and get in focused reps.  Gain more in-game shot confidence by putting in the work each week.  Become a more elite, consistent shooter. IBA Shooting School is now available to register in the IBA Shooting Academy.  All classes are available to boys and girls.


Athlete Training School is designed to help supplement basketball training with strength and conditioning.  Basketball requires specific skills that must be executed while moving at a high speed or while changing directions. Successful basketball players possess high levels of strength, power, and agility while maintaining the endurance needed for long games.  A VertiMax platform can radically improve a player’s Vertical Jump, Game-speed with or without a ball, and help them develop a level of Explosiveness that will transfer directly to the court. When a Vertimax platform is a key ingredient in a player’s training, not only can they reach their true potential, but that potential increases significantly. Coach Michael Parker is a VertiMax Certified Trainer.  All classes are available to boys and girls.


We designed Train'23 for the player who needs reps and wants to take a huge step forward!! This program will train kids hard enough in each class so we KNOW they walk away with something valuable in their basketball journey. Ryan Gold and/or Mike Parker are leading this AMAZING new workout program! Incredible attention to detail… insisting that kids do things the right way and work hard the entire hour! There are NO shortcuts to becoming a player.
TRAIN'23 is designed for kids who are hungry to do more at this stage of their development! Coach Andrew has hand picked these men to lead this program for our brightest players. Limited to 6-8 players per class, choose from many days / times to add a workout ( or 2) around the team practices! We expect this program to sell out quickly. 
TRAIN'23 can be exactly what your son/daughter needs to take a HUGE step forward!

Makeup Sessions need to be scheduled through the office prior to your attending a class.  All make-ups need to be scheduled within the same 6-week session.

*Looking for Basketball Training for Young Beginners?  Check out our Bigger Vision Bball Page for some amazing options!  

7 classes for the price of 6- if you are in town over spring break. No make ups will be made up for missed classes the week of spring break. 

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IBA SPRING II Training - Coming Soon!
May 22nd - July 1st, 2023

1605 E 106th Street

Carmel, IN 46280

Tel: (317) 844-6677

Administrative Office Hours

Monday - Friday 9:00am-3:00pm

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Led by Ryan Gold
August 8th - Septemer 17th

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