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Our Spring/Summer season is where we include AAU experiences through Tournament play.  IBA PREP teams are the Top few Teams for boys in each grade level at IBA starting in 3rd Grade.  In the Spring/Summer IBA Prep team compete outside of regular league games in Competitive Tournaments, both local & regional.  These teams are comprised of players from all around the city and school systems to offer a unique AAU team experience.  In contrast with our IBA Revolution teams, our first focus for Prep teams is competition.  The goals are always the same, but just happen in different orders depending on the program. 

2023 Spring/Summer Season Congratulations:

IBA Bird 2029:  2023 AAU National Champions

IBA Prep 2030:  7th Team in the Nation

IBA Prep 2030 Blue:  2nd Team in the State


IBA Boys Spring/Summer Revolution + Prep Team Deposit

March 2024 - August 2024

3rd - 11th Grade Teams | Prep Teams Made by TryOut or Invite Only

*Anyone who is not selected to an IBA Prep team is invited to play with our IBA Revolution Program.  Players will NOT be rostered without the Deposit.

1605 E 106th Street

Carmel, IN 46280

Tel: (317) 844-6677

Office:  (317) 286-2989

Administrative Office Hours

Monday - Friday 9:00am-3:00pm

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